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AWS Data Architect Bootcamp - 43 Services 500 FAQs 20+ Tools
BESTSELLER | Created by Siddharth Mehta | Video: 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | Duration: 30:27 H/M | Lec: 295 | 13.2 GB | Language: English

AWS Databases, EMR, SageMaker, IoT, Redshift, Glue, QuickSight, RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Rekognition & much more

What you'll learn
Confidently architect AWS solutions for Ingestion, Migration, Streaming, Storage, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Cognitive Solutions and more
Learn the use-cases, integration and cost of 40+ AWS Services to design cost-economic and efficient solutions for a variety of requirements
Answer detailed technical questions of your design and development teams regarding implementation and build
Practice hands-on labs on complex AWS services like IoT, EMR, SageMaker, Redshift, Glue, Comprehend and many more

A computer with admin access, internet, and AWS Account to practice labs. Some labs may cost $$.
Basic working knowledge of AWS like AWS Console, S3, EC2, VPC and similar basic concepts.
Experience of working with at least one database, basic SQL, conceptual understanding of topics like replication, streaming, backups, key-value, index etc.
None of these are show-stoppers. Having this pre-requisite knowledge will make your journey through the course smoother with lesser questions

Hi! Welcome to the AWS Data Architect Bootcamp course, the only course you need to learn everything about data architecture on AWS and play the role of an Enterprise Data Architect. This is the most-comprehensive AWS course related to AWS data architecture on the market. Here's why:

This is the only online course taught by an Enterprise Cloud Architect, who leads large teams of junior architects in the real world, who has an industry experience of close to two decades in the IT industry, who is a published author, and leads technology architecture of XXX million dollar projects on cloud for multi-national clients. Data Architects draw a salary in the range of $150K - $250K on an average. This course trains you for that job! This is my 10th course on Udemy, 3rd on AWS topics (previous 2 are best-sellers).

Typical AWS classroom trainings on data architecture which contains a fraction of the topics covered in this course, costs $3000 - $5000. And this course teaches you 5 to 7 times more topics than AWS Training (40+ AWS Services) in the fraction of the cost.

Everything covered in this course is kept latest. Services which are in Beta and launched in Re-invent (last Nov) are already covered in the course . AWS innovates and adds features to their stack very fast, and I keep my course constantly updated with those changes. Think of this course as a Architecture Updates subscription.

Developers have questions, Architect's have questions, Clients have questions - All technical curious minds have questions. And this course also has 500+ questions and answers (FAQs) curated from AWS FAQs, to equip you with as many ready-to-use answers as you would need in your architect role.

The entire course is formed of 40+ services. Every service is composed of the below listed sections, with their proportion in each section / service.

Architecture (12%) - Diagrams, Integration, Terminology

Use-Cases (6%) - Whether and When to use the AWS Service

Pricing (2%) - Cost estimation methods to assess overall solution cost

Labs (75%) - To-the-point labs for architectural understanding covering all major and important features

Frequently Asked Questions (5%) - Selected question from AWS FAQs explained concisely. (Total 500+)

Apart from AWS Services, we will use a number of client tools to operate on AWS Services, Databases and other technology stack. Here is a list of the tools that we would be using:

1. EC2 2. Putty 3. Cloud9, 4. HeidiSQL 5. MySQL Workbench 6. Pgadmin 7. SSMS

8. Oracle SQL Developer 9. Aginity Workbench for Redshift 10. SQL Workbench / J

11. WinSCP 12. AWS CLI 13. FoxyProxy 14. Oracle Virtualbox 15. Linux Shell Commands

16. FastGlacier 17. Rstudio 18. Redis Client 19. Telnet 20. S3 Browser

21. Juypter Notebooks

Who this course is for?
Database professionals who are starting new on the AWS platform or are looking to learn a variety of AWS Services to widen their knowledge
Beginner or Experienced Data Architects who want to increase the breadth of their knowledge on AWS to start working at the next level
Technology Executives who want to quickly assess the suitability of any given AWS services for their use-cases
AWS Professionals who are preparing for Big Data Specialty Certification or preparing for a technical interview




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